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Tom Goulding tries to take a step back.

Blaming the referee is one of the football fan’s most common activities. Shifting the blame subtly from your own players onto the man in black is easy, useful, and commonplace.

In most football grounds around the country, when an official gives a tough decision against the home team, often thousands of fans are up on their feet shouting abuse that, on the street, could easily get them arrested. In post-match interviews, most managers explain their team’s deficiencies in terms of where exactly the referee failed. On Saturday, Harry Redknapp, Tottenham manager, pointed out that their second penalty should not have been retaken, and thus they should have been comfortable at 2-0 at home to Bolton. Bolton manager Owen Coyle on the other hand, pointed out that Gary Cahill should have had a penalty at 1-1 in the second half, and thus Bolton should have had a 2-1 lead and gone on to win the game. Both Redknapp and Coyle held referee Mark Clattenburg responsible for their team’s failure to do better than they did.



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