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New writer Tom Pitt-Brooke discusses the rationale behind the ever more common mid-season sackings.

Premature sackings in management generate unprecedented levels of outrage amongst the footballing community. Yet every year they happen with the same alarming frequency. Like using zonal marking or having a director of football, it’s something people complain a lot about, but given how many times it’s done, we should probably realise that there is an underlying logic. Obviously there needs to be some room for us to criticise the footballing authorities; but when they do something so consistently, and often achieve success in doing so, the decisions they make should at least be understandable, if not justified, to fans.

The main criticism of these ruthless sackings is that they come too early in a manager’s time in charge. And it’s probably true that in order for a manager to work best, they need a couple of years in charge to implement the correct training methods, make the necessary changes to the squad, acclimatise to a new league or style of football and win the support of players and fans.



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