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Tom Goulding talks about last Monday.

Monday January 31st 2011 – the Transfer Window Deadline Day – was a bad day for humanity.

The leading sports media outlets such as the Guardian and BBC Sport set up a ‘Live Text’ page so that fans were kept abreast of everything that might possibly be happening at every training ground in the country. It was a day full of rumours, counter-rumours, reaction to both the rumours and their denunciations, and mostly, pure conjecture.

From 8.30am, Twitter was a panic station – every journalist telling everyone what they don’t know about what were shaping up to be the big deals of the day. He is in a helicopter. He isn’t in a helicopter. My house looks over Battersea helipad. HE ISN’T IN A HELICOPTER. He is in a car. My house looks over a car park. Images of him on the club’s website have been taken down. They have now been put up. They were never taken down in the first place.



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